Turgutreis Community Center

The potential of the project, designed as a mixed-function multi-storey car park, to transform public + commercial spaces into a whole space with a single envelope and landscape, which will respond to the needs of the rich urban life it will be involved in and increase its harmony with its surroundings, is supported by viable and pioneering structural solutions. In this structure, Kent Market, Workshops / Shops, Meydan Cafe, Restaurant, Floor Parking Lot, Green Ramp, Observation Terrace, Terrace Cafe, Park Cafe, Park and Exhibition Hall functions are planned. The project, which won the first prize in the project branch at the 2018 National Architecture Exhibition, has applied for the building category awards at the 2022 National Architecture Exhibition.
Year / Location 2022 / Turgutreis / Bodrum / Muğla
Area 5.600 m2
Scope Architectural execution project have been prepared (in partnership with architectural design author BÇN Architecture)
Client Muğla Metropolitan Municipality